I am in Abbottab with my Husband and my little one, where should I travel next?

I am in Abbottabad right now, have a 4 month old baby with me along with husband. We had a plan to spend a night at Shogran but i suppose that’s accessible via jeeps, now what is recommended for us? As we hav a car. We are planing to go to Arcadian Riverside kaghan now, is it recommended? Or should we move to Nathiagali from here?
Rizwan Khalil Dnt go, mostly little babies get nasal stiffness due to cold, and it becomes difficult to breath.. so they cry and situations gets even tough.
Salman Saeed Don't go there with little baby. 100% risk of pneomonia
Ammar Mohsin At kiwai you can park your car and take a jeep till Shugran.
Arcadian may be closed right now you have to check from them ?051 8436971?
Adeel Inam Ammar Mohsin the best so far!
Ammar Mohsin Adeel Inam yes Cedarwood is open with its heating facilities you can call them for prior bookings
Hammad Ahmed Do not risk your's baby life just to enjoy your life
Nouman Zia Butt Not recommended with baby
Nauman Abbasi Nathiagali not recommended. Dont know about other areas.
Usman Zeb Easily go to shogran.. pinepark is open. Park your car at kiwai and go on jeep.. weather is good today.. lallazaar is open too
Asfand Yar Risky because of the weather
Masood Malohtra Travelling with a young baby in this weather to Shogran is risky... If weather is clear there then going to kaghan is better as it is main road
Usman Abaidullah Although shogran may as cold as Nathia Gali but being on main road and medical facilities readily available in Nathia Gali, I suggest not to take risk of spending night at shugran.
Waqar Khan Kalabag PAF mess recommended highly for famlies it in nathiagali book it if u have any army link....
Or hotel green due to its huge garden and peacful scenic view regards.
Talal Qureshi Head to Muzaffarabad
Waleed Tariq Kaghan is accessible right now through your own vehicle .. U have a child with you so don't think about shogran...
Saboor Khawaja Arcadian kaghan is amazing
Rana Hassan Javaid Arcadian riverside should be ok
Junaid Syed 03469669176 pradise hotel shugran
Junaid Syed Is no py ribta krin apko sai guide krin gy
Ali Mirza Don't go to shogran with a little baby that is i knw..
Ehsan Haseeb Don’t go to shogran as weather is quite cold with little medical
facilities over there and roads ahead to Siri paya will be close
Check out weather updates at Google weather too
Good luck
Malik Waqas Khan The weather is not good in these days so pls don't take a Risk with little baby. Better take a Nathiagali Route & enjoy the trip.
Umran A Mirza Sister kindly visit nathia gali
Fawad Akhtar Khan Don't go with a baby
Sardar Usman Warraich Zonash Warraich
don't go
Umar Mehmood Nathiagali is recommended in current situation.
Mohammad Rizwan Imtiaz Try nathiagali and stay in khanaspur down from ayubia very peaceful place indeed
Muhammad Afzal not recommended. i came yesterday from shogran. jeeps drop at least 2.5 km from shogran due to heavy snow and road slippery and 1.5 hours tough snow hike is very challenging. cars can go only a few k.m from kawai
Muhammad Y. Khan Nathigali not recommend coz of infant u you have to go ayubia and stay there also Arcadian is also very best option in naran I think Arcadian is best it's very peaceful
Saif Malik U can visit Sharan Forest, so safe
Karam Nawaz U can go to shogran on your car if weather permits. Plz take warm clothes for kid
Mian Farhan Arcadian riverside is closed and dont go to shogran , go to nathiya gali
Shehryar Jehangir Nathia wud b better in the given circumstances
Imran Ali Should go to summit hotel and apartments changla gali just half an hour ahead from nathia gali the highest point of entire galiyat
Mohammad Rashid Nathiagali is recommended in current situation.
Jawad Khan I have a better suggestion go via muzaffarabad to nayhiagali, weather is ideal in muzaffarabad, you can also visit peerchinasi
M Yaseen Karlal Jawad Khan where is Muzaffarabad and where is nathia gali? Would you please share track? ???? ????
Jawad Khan From balakot only 40 minutes drive to muzaffarabad via garhi habbibulah. From muxaffarabad to muree 1 hour 30 minutes drive,
Jawad Khan You would enjoy the scenery along the way, i suggest you stay in muzaffarabad many attractions red fort, pirchinnasi. Handicrafts,
Faheem Mughal Jawad Khan na krso
Jawad Khan Faheem Mughal why not?
M Yaseen Karlal Nathia gali is better option
Nouman Zafar bachon pe rehem karren. kal ko wo app oar rehen krngy.
Waheed Ullah Snow is everywhere. Baby is still 4mnths. U can but not recommneded
Muhammad Waqas Reach kewai by own car park in hotel have tea there .....
Take rent jeep to shogran enjoy full day and a night hotels are awesome and dry track a bit to seri pae best these days in snow....
Book jeep again Come back after a night and 2 take ur car back home .....
Stay blessed
Muhammad Waqas Ohhh 4 month baby keep basic medic with kid keep him warm outdoor he will be fine ????
Ikram Ullah If possible go to Kashmir till keran. Via Ghari Habib Ullah.
Nauman Malik There is only one way to go up to Shogran if you really want to spend a night there, park your car at parking lot, rent a jeep.
Waheed Butt Can go to muzaffarabad and see pir Chinasee. You may also see rawalakot and banjosa lake.
Mir Kharooti You can go back and feed the baby. He or she is not interested in this trip.
Nauman Arif Pti Arcadian River Side is the best place.
Naeem Chaudry Shogran in not good options at this time of year
Schoeb Muhammad I have just returned from shogran currently in mansehra. Shogran is inaccessible with family specially with kid. Almost 3 km hike is to be done in ice obviously with luggage. Totally not recommended with family
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