From East to West

The long awaited release of 24/25P firmware for the 5D2 enchanted me of shooting videos with it. So for the idea of an initial video project, I formed a thought that if I start my journey from sunrise and end it at sunset on an ordinary day, what actions, events and activity my eyes are gonna witness in this bracket of approx 12-14 hours. So that is what I simply tried to implement in this short film.

It has been an enthralling experience shooting video with an HDSLR with various lenses. I came across strengths and weaknesses of it. The track/dolly that I made was bit wobbly but it did the job for me. I plan to refine it and improve its consistency or buy the branded one from abroad. I also plan on adding a rig with follow focus in the future video works for precise manual focusing.

It has been entirely filmed on the Canon 5D Mark II @25P with firmware 2.0.4 in Lahore, Pakistan. Edited and color graded on Sony Vegas.

All the Time-lapses have been shot on the Canon 40D with either Sigma 10-20mm or the Canon 24-105mm lenses.

Lenses used for filming:

EF 24-105mm F4L IS (used extensively due to its versatility and IS)

EF 85mm F1.8

EF 50mm F1.8

Sigma 70mm F2.8 Macro (delivered best IQ across the frame with vivid colors and nice bokeh)

Camera support:

DIY Track/dolly with a 486RC2 ball head (will share its photo and making in coming days)

Glidecam 2000 PRO

Manfrotto 190X Pro B with 700RC head.

Manfrotto Friction Magic Arm + Manfrotto Suction cup (for the car scene)

Music by: Mars Lasar

Good speakers or headphones recommended due to tad louder audio levels.

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