Islamabad Description

Islamabad Is Beautiful. It Is A Region-Wide Symbol Of Progress, Innovation And Architectural Marvel. Settlement In Islamabad, The New Capital After Karachi, Began In The 1960S. As The City Was Newly Founded, The Growth Of The Population Was Slow. Being The Seat Of The Government Of Pakistan, Initially Government Servants And Employees Of The Federal Administration Settled Here. Since Then, There Has Been A Steady Growth In The Population Of The City, Which Has Swelled To Somewhere In Excess Of A Million Inhabitants. The Reason: At The Moment, The Capital City Is The Fastest Growing Urban Settlement In The Country. There Is An Increased Interest In The City From The President And The Prime Minister, As Well As A Renewed Drive From Foreign Investors To Invest In The City. This Has Caused A Growth In The Economy, Produced Employment At All Levels And Ensured Development. Owing To All These Factors, Islamabad Is Now Becoming A Lively And Bustling Metropolis, Full Of Vibrancy.